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Whether it’s a professionally crewed sail for the afternoon, or a Superyacht for the week or a year, Ahoy Club connects charterers and their desired vessel with unrivaled simplicity and lower cost than previously attainable. With world-class concierge service. Significantly reduced commissions, Ahoy Club brings yacht owners and charterers together seamlessly for mutual benefit.

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Ahoy Club Yacht owners are in full control of their Yachts availability, scheduling, pricing, yacht rules, and how they interact with guests. Determine your own calendar and post your own specials at will to maximise your yachts utilisation.

Charterers have the ability to access and update their booking information at the touch of a finger. Keep your charter yacht informed of guest information, requests and preferences in an easy and direct way via our 24/7 virtual booking assistant and instant messenger.


Whether you want to charter a chic Superyacht, an elegant sailing yacht, or a luxury catamaran, Ahoy Club provides a flotilla of yachts so you can access to the world’s most enviable ports. Unparalleled access to a global network of Yachts displaying amazing diversity and variety of choice – all in one place.

Transform the way you holiday


Ahoy Club offers yachts at the best available charter rates, saving you up to 20% or even more when you also consider the VAT savings. So the negotiation is already done for you, so you can spend your time enjoying the experience of choosing the yacht you want without confrontation.

Ahoy Club’s unique commission structure enables yacht owners to market their vessel at a substantially reduced price with no affect to nett takings. Lower rates mean the charter experience becomes more affordable and accessible, creating a larger market of charterers.


Whether you’ve just booked or are already floating on the seven seas, Ahoy Club has a dedicated concierge team on standby to expertly manage every aspect of your voyage, jettisoning any problems and ensuring you a seamless experience aboard the pinnacle of luxury.

Maximize your asset


Ahoy Club eliminates the tasking of extensive verbal communication between charterers, brokers, and owners by using our automated peer-to-peer platform. No more miscommunications, no more disappointment so when you find your perfect yacht, a few clicks is all it takes, to secure your dream.

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